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Roy Fletcher, Inc is a full service political consulting firm which serves candidates on a nation-wide basis.

Our firm is dedicated to winning campaigns and building a message that reaches and influences voters.

Our specialties include message development, television, radio and print advertising.

Our goal is to reach voters and get the message to the target so effectively that our candidates win.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. has produced winning candidates all over the United States.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. offers experience in races at all levels including Presidential Campaigns, Gubernatorial race, US Senate, US House, state legislature, Judicial, sheriff and local races.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. is considered among the best political consulting firms in the nation.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. has developed highly effective campaigns at literally every level of elective office and experienced success in a number of specialized areas of media:

Introduction and Background Biographical Ads

Humorous Ads

Music Within the Message

Response Ads

Message and Issue Ads

Turnout Campaigns

Contrast Ads

Working with Press and Message Development

Reaching out to expand the base of a candidate beyond natural alliances is also a key to Roy Fletcher's success in campaigns.

Roy Fletcher has built a reputation as a winner and is a consultant with the vision to see what the public will respond to and support.

Roy Fletcher has the ability to create a message that works and works well enough to resonate with the natural base of his candidates.

He has also written some of the most creative and award winning media in Louisiana history.

Roy Fletcher, Inc has experience in working on national campaigns as well.

When candidates want to win they go to Roy Fletcher for advice, counsel and media.

We certainly appreciate you visiting our web site and want to hear from you.

Please feel free to contact us to let us know about your issues or upcoming campaign.

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