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Strategic Campaign Services Are Our Business

Considered a media magician, his specialty is creating a message that works.

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Roy Fletcher managed campaigns function through T.V., radio, print, collateral material and direct mail. His major areas of expertise are strategy development, candidate development, and poll analysis. We offer internet and web based campaign services as well.

High Quality Television

Roy Fletcher, Inc. has a wide variety of offerings of technical shot development, setting, background, themes, and imaging.

Some examples of his work include overhead, drop down, angle shots, motion and action shots, special effects, and editing capability.

To address any needs or message requirements, Roy Fletcher, Inc. also uses the latest digital camera equipment and digital editing capabilities, which give his firm the ability to produce the highest quality work available.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. also has the capability for fast turnaround of message including satellite and same-day message changes, if needed. Roy Fletcher, Inc. also does all radio placement and targeting in-house.

Radio that Works

Roy Fletcher Inc. has significant area of expertise in radio message development and use of all spectrums of radio audience targeting.

The firm only uses nationally qualified talent for on-air delivery and has substantial digital editing capabilities to offer full-scale and range in types of messages needed in some political campaigns.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. also does all radio placement and targeting in-house.

Print Media and Message Development

Press Releases and Issue Response

Roy Fletcher offers extensive experience in working with the media at all levels including nationally, state-wide and local.

Roy Fletcher maintains a good working relationship with the media and can help your campaign effectively reach the media and market, as a result.

Roy Fletcher maintains close contacts with the media which cover his campaigns and has years of experience in training candidates to work well with the media to get the message across accurately and professionally.

Roy Fletcher understands the important role the media plays in covering any race and can help new candidates develop their own press and media message.

Creative Message and Image Development

Polling and Research

Collateral Material

Web Campaigns and Internet Marketing

Roy Fletcher, Inc. has successfully worked with the new medium of internet and web bsaed campaigns since they came on the scene of American politics.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. has the capability to help your campaign launch and maintain an effective and growing internet and web presence to reach and influence voters.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. has had ground breaking success with internet media launching the first of its kind "live" announcement stream and tour for one statewide candidate recently. The launch was hailed as "cutting edge" by those who watched live to an expanded audience simply due to Roy Fletcher, Inc offering this innovative campaign technique.

Roy Fletcher, Inc. can offer web sites, internet marketing, web development and enhancements. In addition, message development, list and contact programs and is out front with its "live launch" campaign strategies.

Direct Mail

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